• 10 Apr 2013

    Mailplane 3.0.0 Beta 33

    TaskForce & RightInboxTaskForce & RightInbox
    TaskForce plug-in is back in Mailplane 3 and we added RightInbox. RightInbox was kind enough to give Mailplane users a 30% discount until May 15th. We urge you to check them out!

    Compose Message With...Compose Message With...
    Compose messages with different accounts directly from the Dock. Close the main window (Command-W) and you're able to send email without having to look at email. Thanks to John and Merlin Mann for the idea!

    Reset MailplaneReset Mailplane
    Some of you might already know it. "Reset Mailplane" is our secret weapon :) Next to removing Cookies, it does now also clear Caches, close all windows and tabs and restarts Mailplane.

    LetsMove IntegrationLetsMove Integration
    LetsMove is a tiny but very helpful addition. If it's not already in the Application folder, Mailplane ask you now on start-up if it should move itself to the Applications folder.

    'Add CC Recipients' Shortcut'Add Cc Recipients' Shortcut
    Gmail's new 'Add Cc recipients' Shortcut happened to conflict with 'Format > Font > Show Colors'. Thus, we changed Show Colors to Command-Option-C. Thanks to Daniel for the idea!

    * Viewing Excel sheets in QuickLook caused connection problems
    * Toolbar buttons look now crisp on Retina screens
    * Attempt to make Notifier more responsive and fixed a crash
    * Gmail doesn't steal focus anymore