• 04 Jun 2013

    Mailplane 3.0.0 (#726)

    LocalizationWelcome, 歓迎, Willkommen, Bienvenue
    Mailplane is now available in Japanese, German and French.
    Thanks to Koichi Matsumoto, Patrick Scheips and Michel Tribet for their awesome work!

    Google BarGoogle Bar
    We got a lot of requests for Google Bar. You can now make it visible via Preferences… > Style.

    Keyboard ShortcutsKeyboard Shortcuts
    New Gmail Keyboard shortcuts don't clash with Mailplane anymore. And Command-Up/Command-Down does now jump to the begin/end of the message if in compose mode.

    Chat, Talk, HangoutChat, Talk, Hangout
    Google Talk and Google Hangout are now supported. And Mailplane notifies incoming Chat requests via the tab bar and a jumping dock icon if hidden.

    TextExpander / PopClipTextExpander / PopClip
    Mailplane does now properly support TextExpander (plain text snippets) and PopClip (paste =).

    Composing a message via AppleScript does now include the signature and there's no message body limitation anymore.

    Google DocsGoogle Docs
    Opening Google Docs internally was confusing because Google Docs doesn't support multiple sign-in. Mailplane does now open them externally. Press Command while clicking to open them internally.

    Small ImprovementsSmall Improvements
    * Zoom-In/Out: Doesn't mess up the text size anymore after restart.
    * Doesn't scale images if the original size is lower than requested.
    * BCC address doesn't get added multiple times anymore.
    * Download History items can now be dragged.

    * 'Send' Toolbar crashed if pressed shortly after sending a message.
    * 'Navigate To' Panel crashed if pressing enter without a selection.
    * Upgrade Discount buttons crashed if Internet connection wasn't stable.
    * "Reset Mailplane" crashed if it had problems reading cookies.