Released on 05 Sep 2013


Compose Message HotkeyCompose Message HotKey
Mailplane allows you to assign a global keyboard shortcut to compose a new message. Go to Preferences... > Shortcuts.

OSX MavericksOSX Mavericks
Mailplane 3.0.2 is ready for OSX Mavericks (10.9) which is coming this fall. See

Highlight Find ResultsHighlight Find Results
Find (Command-F) does now highlight find results while typing.

Main Window TitleMain Window Title
Mailplane shows now the currently selected account and type in its main window title.

Small ImprovementsSmall Improvements
* Dragging a block of text to another position does now work
* 'Send PDF with Mailplane' does now always compose a new message
* Dropping URLs while composing a message is now supported
* 'Hide Ads' setting does now hide Web Clips as well