• 10 Nov 2013

    Mailplane 3.1.0

    Switch to Account...Switch to Account...
    Until now Mailplane 3 was only able to switch between a maximum of 10 accounts. Mailplane 3.1.0 lifts that limitation and unifies tabs with the switch functionality we had in Mailplane 2. Learn more here.

    Google Account ChooserGoogle Account Chooser
    Google released a new sign-in interface which caused a few hiccups in Mailplane. They shouldn't happen anymore with this update.

    Show Unread MessagesShow Unread Messages
    We added a new option to show unread messages neither in Menu Bar nor in Dock. That way you can receive notifications but don't necessarily need to see the unread count.

    Hide Gmail header when printingHide Gmail header when printing
    Mailplane automatically hides the Gmail header when printing a message which results in a print-out with less clutter.

    Small ImprovementsSmall Improvements
    * Fixed preview (QuickLook) of MS Office documents on Mavericks
    * Fixed 'Download Image' and 'Download Linked File' context menu items
    * Fixed 'Look Up' context menu item
    * Boomerang's Customize Menu functionality works again