• 26 Nov 2013

    Mailplane 3.1.1

    Gmail's new attachment experienceGmail's new attachment experience
    Mailplane now supports Gmail's new attachment experience. We still use QuickLook instead of the new preview feature because Google Drive still doesn't fully support multiple sign-in. But if you like, you can switch by unblocking Google Drive via Preferences... > Accounts > Advanced.

    Primary Inbox TabPrimary Inbox Tab
    Mailplane Notifier now supports Primary Inbox Tab. Simply set the Inbox Type to 'Primary Inbox Tab' inside Preferences... > Accounts > General.

    Notification AuthenticationNotification Authentication
    Mailplane doesn't always require an explicit authentication anymore if enabling notifications. We are now taking an optimistic approach and try to fetch unread messages with username/password and show the authorization dialog only if it fails (e.g. 2-step-verification).

    Small ImprovementsSmall Improvements
    * Fixed download issues for files with Korean or Japanese file names
    * Fixed 'Export Contacts' which broke due to a recent Google change