• 17 Jan 2014

    Mailplane 3.1.2

    StreakNew Plug-In: Streak
    We added Streak to our list of plug-ins. Its primary use is for Sales and Customer Support but it is useful for everything from a personal To-Do list to Project Management.

    Automatic Inbox RefreshAutomatic Inbox Refresh
    New messages appear now in your inbox shortly after you received a notification. We force a refresh if you don't have a cursor placed in a text field (e.g. search, chat or compose window).

    Inbox Type WarningInbox Type Warning
    Mailplane detects if you're using Inbox Tabs (Primary, Social, etc.) but the 'Inbox Type' setting (Preferences... > Accounts > General) doesn't match.

    Attachment Preview with QuickLookAttachment Preview with QuickLook
    QuickLook is back again for attachment preview if Google Drive is blocked (Preferences... > Accounts > Advanced > Block Google Drive).

    Help > Support & FeedbackHelp > Support & Feedback
    Support & Feedback does now inline all information, except for the log file. Feel free to remove anything you feel uncomfortable sending us or don't think is necessary to answer your request.

    * Fixed 'cleardot.gif' error if saving a message to Evernote
    * Do not show 'Unable to get messages. Fix it...' if network is down
    * Don't crash if opening download history and toolbar is text-only