• 17 Feb 2014

    Mailplane 3.1.3

    Convert Image TypeConvert Image Type
    Next to resizing an image you can now also convert the file type (e.g. JPG, PNG) of an image while attaching it to a message.

    OmniFocus Clippings PluginOmniFocus Clippings Plugin
    Mailplane does now automatically install the OmniFocus Clippings Plugin if you use OmniFocus. This makes the installation process easier and less error prone. More...

    Embedded StoreEmbedded Store
    Buying and installing a new license is now much easier through our embedded store. Simply go to "Mailplane 3 > License..." and press "Buy a new license" or choose one of our upgrade offers.

    * Support longer top level domains (e.g. john@doe.travel)
    * Our notifier works now more reliable with 2-step verification
    * Fixed download issues for files with Chinese or Russian file names
    * Don't crash if opening download history while toolbar is text-only