Released on 04 Aug 2014


Calendar RemindersCalendar Reminders
Calendar reminders appear now as OS X notifications. Go to Google Calendar lab settings and enable 'Gentle Calendar Reminders'. More...

Print Gmail HeaderPrint Gmail Header
The print dialog has now a 'Show Gmail Header' setting. Enable it to print the header containing the logo.

Compose Message via Menu BarCompose Message via Menu Bar
You can now compose a message via the menu bar (Mailplane Notifier). And we added 'Get New Mail' to the dock menu.

Rapportive & RightInboxRapportive & RightInbox Update
Mailplane contains the latest versions of Rapportive and RightInbox.

Resolved Issues
  • Dragging an image from Firefox doesn't attach a zip file anymore
  • Edit > Save to OmniFocus doesn't switch to OmniFocus if being in full-screen mode
  • Fixed the layout of Preferences... > Accounts > Notifications (OS X 10.7)
  • mailplane://... links do now activate Mailplane
  • 'Download Image' (via context menu) does now always download the image
  • Mailplane remembers the recently used download folder if 'Save attachments to' is set to 'Always ask me' inside Preferences... > General