• 11 Nov 2014

    Mailplane 3.3.3

    We finally support Todoist! Install Todoist for Mac 6.0.0+, open a message in Mailplane and go to 'Edit > Save to Todoist'. Select some text if you don't want to copy the whole message into the todo item.

    Status Bar ItemStatus Bar Item
    We received a lot of requests to turn the status item red again if there are unread messages. Here you are :)

    Fixes and Improvements
    • Fixed high bandwidth usage on OS X 10.10
    • Fixed Alias download locations on OS X 10.10
    • Fixed hang-up if trying to print an image from Drive preview
    • Fixed some crashes and did a major code clean-up
    • Updated Streak extension to 6.6
    • Open Hangouts phone calls externally because plug-in still doesn't work on OS X 10.10