Released on 12 Mar 2015


New HotKeysNew HotKeys
You can now define hotkeys for "Compose Note to Self" and "Toggle Do Not Disturb" inside "Preferences... > Shortcuts".

Default Image ConversionDefault Image Conversion Settings
"Preferences... > Attachments" now contains image conversion settings which defaults how images should be handled in Mailplane. You can override them on demand inside the file chooser and attachment dialog.

Trackpad GesturesTrackpad Gestures
You can now use the two-finger slide gesture to go back or forward in the browsing history.

Thanks to Streak for solving the painful crash we had since the beginning of the year. We're sorry that it took longer than expected. Streak was seriously resource strapped during the last few months.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Prevents Streak from doing a reload if opening a message.
  • Notifier ('M' in the status bar) indicates if there are errors or connection issues.
  • Does now always automatically check for updates. No setting required anymore.