• 24 May 2016

    Mailplane 3.6.3

    Tab Close Button
    Reduced click area of the tab close button and visualizes that area if hovering over the tab. We hope it helps to prevent closing tabs by accident.

    `Save to Todoist` sets the email message as comment instead of putting everything into the content. Make sure you're using a premium account and the latest version of Todoist Mac app.

    Image Resize & JPEG
    You can now set a compression factor if resizing/converting to a JPEG image. And we fixed an issue where Mailplane saved the image twice the entered size on Retina screens.

    Fixes and Improvements
    • Fixed 'Mail > Discard' and trash toolbar button for Google Inbox.
    • Play a sound when a new chat message arrives.
    • "Search with Google" does now use the default browser if it isn't Safari.
    • Mailplane doesn't open a Gmail tab anymore if opening an account via notifier and there's already a Google Inbox tab around.
    • Updated to Streak 6.23
    • Updated WebKit to the same as Safari 9.1.1 is using