• 17 Jul 2016

    Mailplane 3.6.5

    SpanishSpanish Localization
    Mailplane is now fully localized in Spanish. It's the fifth language next to Japanese, French, German and English.

    The famous Fantastical calendar app will integrate with Mailplane in one of their next updates. This update lays the groundwork.

    Support & Feedback
    `Help > Support & Feedback` uses replies.io to handle support requests instead of composing a message. It makes it easy to send screenshots and screen-recordings next to preferences and the log file.

    Fixes and Improvements
    • Download file with proper file name if it contains special characters.
    • Keep Boomerang settings on restart.
    • Fixed "Edit > Copy Link" if there was already a parameter in the link.
    • Fixed drag/drop for profile photo picker.
    • mailto: links in Google Calendar don't open an empty window anymore.
    • Updated to Streak 6.24