Released on 04 Nov 2016


This update contains a number of improvements and fixes which we already published in 3.6.x versions but targeted for OS X 10.7 - 10.9.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Integrates with Fantastical
  • Updated WebKit to the same as Safari 9.1.3 is using (10.9 only).
  • Download file with proper file name if it contains special characters.
  • Keep Boomerang settings on restart.
  • Fixed "Edit > Copy Link" if there was already a parameter in the link.
  • Fixed drag/drop for profile photo picker.
  • mailto: links in Google Calendar don't open an empty window anymore.
  • Updated to Streak 6.24
  • 'Mail > Insert... > Insert Screenshot...' and 'Mail > Insert... > Insert Picture...' do now consider 'Preferences... > Attachments' settings.