Released on 25 Nov 2016


Use active tab as Default Sender
Added option 'Use active tab' to Default Sender preference (Preferences > General). It does always use the account of the currently selected tab to compose messages (e.g. via mailto:).

Block Google Calendar Alerts
'Block Google Calendar Alerts' (Preferences... > Accounts > Advanced) suppresses notifications coming from Google Calendar. It helps to prevent getting notified multiple times for the same event (e.g. if the Apple's Calendar app is already notifying).

Fixes and Improvements
  • Added 'Copy Email Address' for mailto: links to context menu
  • Enabled 'Paste' context menu item
  • Added 'Refresh' menu item for Google Inbox
  • Refined 'Go to' menu for Google Inbox by adding Snoozed and Done menu items
  • Updated WebKit to the same as Safari 10.0.1 is using
  • Keep 'Save to OmniFocus' enabled if looked up via the Help menu