• 15 Jan 2017

    Mailplane 3.6.9

    DEVONthink Pro Integration
    DEVONthink Pro is the one store for all your documents. Mailplane integrates it similarly to Evernote. Install DEVONthink Pro, open a message in Mailplane and perform `Edit > Save to DEVONthink`.

    Receipts Integration
    Receipts is the perfect companion to Mailplane if you receive a lot of invoices via email. It makes it easy to collect and classify them. Install Receipts, open a message in Mailplane and perform `Edit > Save to Receipts`.

    Fixes and Improvements
    • Fixed crash when pasting something from Excel into search field.
    • Fixed crash when opening Microsoft Office attachments (e.g. PowerPoint).
    • Fix: Downloads attachments in Streak box view instead of opening an empty window.
    • Updated WebKit to the same as Safari 10.0.2 is using.
    • Fixed issues with calendar event notifications.
    • 'Show Original' in Google Inbox doesn't open in Gmail tab anymore.