Released on 18 Jun 2018


  • Support for offline Gmail
  • 'Preferences > Accounts > Advanced > Auto-BCC' setting to automatically fill the bcc field when writing messages in Gmail or Google Inbox
  • Cmd-Click a link to open it in the browser and Cmd-Shift-Click a link to open it inside Mailplane
  • 'Preferences > Accounts > Password' to clear or change password. When the field is left empty, manual login is required on startup.
  • 'View' menu items shortcuts to select previous and next tab
Fixes and Improvements
  • Simplified download panel
  • Tab counter shows 0
  • Scrolling issue in account settings
  • Mailplane links are not correct when Gmail preview pane is turned on
  • Status item shows accounts that have notifications turned off
  • Scrollbar is missing in authentication window