• 24 Jun 2018

    Mailplane 4.0-beta4

    • Calendar menu items and keyboard shortcuts.
    • Cmd-O in Gmail opens conversation in a separate window
    • Open other Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, and Gmail links in tabs and other Google services in your browser
    • Close separate compose window after discarding draft
    • Open calendar sidebar links in a new or existing calender tab
    • Open Gmail calendar invitations in a new or existing calendar tab
    Fixes and Improvements
    • New mail notifications:
      • New mail detection is now quicker
      • Counter in status item, dock, and tab are now in sync
      • New mail is detected when no tab for the account is open
      • Show exclamation mark in dock badge when needed
      • Show account status in dock menu to sign in or open tab
    • Download panel Open with... menu shows app icons
    • Edit > Paste and Annotate doesn't show optimize/orignal choice
    • Extensions menu shows extension action name instead of extension name
    • Contact & Support attaches preferences by default
    • Mailplane 3 upgrade re-uses keychain items
    • Issues when attaching files
    • Some account colors are black in the menu bar
    • For some accounts, passwords are not remembered
    • Contacts tab doesn't work