Released on 03 Jul 2018


  • Global keyboard shortcuts to compose a message, note to self, toggle do not disturb, and create a calendar event.
  • Toolbar for separate Gmail compose & detail windows
  • Download quick actions on Gmail download item:
    • Directly download to Downloads folder
    • Open in default app
    • Show download options
  • Clipper support for Google Inbox
  • Copy & paste files from Finder to create attachments
  • Switch between multiple main windows (see Windows > Switch to New Main Window)
  • AppleScript 'doNotDisturb' property
Fixes and Improvements
  • Reorder accounts in preferences. Same order is used for status/dock menus.
  • Window titles to reflect current account & app. Useful for some time trackers.
  • Show download/clipper progress using 'toasts'
  • Design of keyboard shortcut and other warnings
  • Design when Mailplane is offline
  • Logic to open files in existing or new tabs, separate Mailplane windows, and the external browser.
  • Mouse selection didn't work in navigation window
  • Crash a notifications has an empty subject line
  • Display issue when searching for '@' in navigate.
  • Text Replacements are expanded at the end of a word
  • Authorization alert missing when certain API errors occurr
  • Crash when testing a link inside a draft
  • Downloads overwrite files with same name
  • Downloads aren't cached