• 15 Jul 2018

    Mailplane 4.0-rc3

    • License window design
    • Menu item "Mailplane > Switch back to Mailplane 3"
    • Cmd-1...9 now activate the main window when its hidden
    • Bookmarks are listed in "Bookmarks" menu
    Fixes and Improvements
    • Preference window design
    • Evernote clipper clips email conversation as a PDF
    • Removed unread message counter from window title bar
    • "Edit > Paste Files" instead of "Edit > Paste" to paste copied files
    • Extensions menu is now a sub menu at the end of the Mail or Calendar menu.
    • Tabs doesn't show content for some users
    • Mailplane properly start for non-admin users
    • Paste doesn't always work
    • Paste context menu item isn't always shown
    • Undo/Redo don't work with pasted text or images
    • Wrong account selection when clicking account in account chooser
    • Navigation window didn't work for some users
    • Cmd-E (Edit > Find > Use Selection for Find) doesn't work when find isn't active
    • Printing a PDF from the document preview in Gmail and Inbox
    • Editing or creating a calendar entry in a separate window shows calendar overview after saving or cancelling
    • Navigate typing performance
    • Clipped Evernote notes don't sync
    • Clipper, Bookmark, Download panels not closed when attaching files
    • Focus is lost when composing a message and a new mail notification is displayed
    • Notification error messages