• 19 Jul 2018

    Mailplane 4.0-rc4

    Fixes and Improvements
    • Performance of navigation window
    • "Search Everywhere" only shows when there are multiple accounts and the search field is focused
    • Adding a new account from Gmail opens a new tab
    • Various design tweaks
    • ENTER key wouldn't work when composing message with "Find in Page" active
    • Links on Google Login don't work
    • Grayed out tab content when one of the accounts has keyboard shortcuts turned off
    • Attachment drop area covered Send button when focus is in FROM/CC/BCC fields
    • Login loop when creating account from preferences and not opening a tab
    • First screen offers to Import accounts when there's no Mailplane 3 version
    • Add tab button still when deleting last account
    • An error when attaching files (thanks for submitting)
    • Authorization alert shows when account isn't logged in
    • Unread message counter in status bar/dock isn't correct for Priority Inbox.
    • Duplicate tabs after importing settings from Mailplane 3
    • Mailplane 2 update sometimes shows up