• 29 Jul 2018

    Mailplane 4.0-rc5

    • Automatically re-open a crashed window or tab.
    Fixes and Improvements
    • Keyboard shortcut toast only closes when the setting is changed. Use the new close button to close it anyway.
    • Upgrade from Mailplane 3 doesn't show banner for Authorization
    • Improvement performance when using multiple accounts with multiple main windows
    • Added a "Start Over" link when creating an account
    • Crash when enabling certain Extensions for the first time.
    • Clicking on notification doesn't open the email conversation
    • Some bookmarks couldn't be opened in Google Inbox
    • Toolbar > New item doesn't work for Calendar tabs
    • Downloading an attachment from a email draft openes an empty window
    • Reply in notification & click to activate shows error box.
    • Navigation window opening when opening new windows.
    • Back to Version 3 menu item didn't remove all info.
    • Upgrade from Mailplane 3: Various bug fixes.
    • Sign out in Gmail/Inbox occasionally cleared password
    • Zoom-in/Zoom out/Actual Size shows error box in empty tab
    • Session not remembered when app exit right after login
    • Check for updates window behind main window on startup