• 04 Aug 2018

    Mailplane 4.0.0

    Hooray! Mailplane 4 has landed.

    After running Mailplane for more than 10 years, we still believe that web services like Gmail need specialized applications that make them efficient to use. That’s why we built Mailplane 4 – the best Mailplane we’ve ever made.

    We hope you like it as much as we do! Check out some of its new features here.

    Ruben & Lars

    New since last beta:
    • Open Legal Notices from Help menu
    • New setting to always choose destination when downloading files
    • Mailplane > Switch back to Version 3 now opens a download link in the browser
    • Support and Feedback now includes more log files

    Fixes and improvements since last beta:
    • Some conversation couldn't be opened from search or new mail notifications
    • Added context menu on image in editor
    • Drag and drop issue with minimized Gmail drafts
    • Error when clicking on notification multiple times
    • Empty window opened when download an attachment from a draft or calendar entry
    • Changed image optimization sizes to match Mailplane 3 settings
    • Some preferences don't get migrated from Mailplane 3 to Mailplane 4
    • Restart Mailplane after installing extensions doesn't work
    • Replacing an image after annotating doesn't always work
    • New tabs are inserted to the left of the current tab
    • Start at login isn't migrated from Mailplane 3
    • 'New Mail' notification sound doesn't work
    • Attachment help buttons show garbled text
    • Added close button to Keyboard shortcut warning
    • Gmail and other apps doesn't paint when window was in the background
    • Dropping attachments on calendar or contacts doesn't remove attachment UI
    • Incorrect download filename in certain cases
    • Fixed typos in menus
    • Fixed some crashes