• 14 Aug 2018

    Mailplane 4.0.3

    Fixed notifier issues
    Many new mail notifications and unread message counter issues were fixed.

    New keyboard shortcuts for tab navigation
    Support alternate keyboard shortcuts for previous/next tab navigation. Use ⌘⌥[, ⌘⌥], ⌘{, and ⌘} to jump to previous or next tab.

    Fixes and Improvements
    • Changed notification default to 'Banner'
    • Changed default notification sound to 'New Mail'
    • Error when using Fantastical integration
    • Password wasn't always remembered for accounts with two-factor authentication enabled
    • Unwanted navigation to inbox when new message arrived
    • Command-Arrow-Up / Command-Arrow-Down: Improved performance when navigating Gmail
    • Compose toolbar was shown for non-compose window content
    • Authorization banner didn't show after switching to another main window
    • Save Clip: Error when clipping with a selection outside of the message
    • Command-Click didn't open links in Mailplane
    • Command-Shift-Click didn't open links in the browser
    • Several settings links opened in the browser instead of inside Mailplane
    • Improved 'Mailplane > Reset Mailplane` didn't always restart Mailplane.
    • Sign in 'Start over' link wasn't properly positioned
    • Fixed crash when pasting files
    • Fixed various other crashes & error boxes