• 20 Aug 2018

    Mailplane 4.0.5

    Mailplane localizationsWelcome, 歓迎, Willkommen, Bienvenue, Bienvenido
    Mailplane 4 fully supports French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Big thanks to Michel, Borja, and Koichi for their excellent work.

    Colored menu bar iconColored menu bar icon
    By popular demand: Menu bar icon now turns blue when there are unread messages.

    Fixes and Improvements
    • Delegated accounts are opened in a separate window.
    • Use ⌘← to navigate to the previous page and ⌘→ to navigate to the next page.
    • Google hangout chat 'pop-out' button didn't open a new window
    • Added account name to bookmark in bookmarks menu.
    • 'Open with Google Docs' in document preview didn't open a window.
    • Apps selector didn't always open the right location
    • Added 'Reply All', 'Star Message', 'Report Spam, and 'fixed space' item to the toolbar
    • 'Notify new messages', and 'Notification sound' weren't correctly imported from Mailplane 3