• 25 Nov 2018

    Mailplane 4.1.0

    macOS Mojave Dark Mode
    Join the DARK SIDE! Mailplane automatically adapts Gmail, Calendar, Contacts in dark mode. It can be turned off in 'Preferences > Style'.

    Dismiss Authorization Banner
    Use Mailplane including new mail notifications without granting permission on sign-in, but without certain advanced features as search, label navigate, image annotations, save clip (except for PDF) and notification actions (reply, archive).

    Save Clip as PDF File
    Save a message as PDF by using the 'Save Clip' toolbar button and then choosing 'PDF File'. This is a great alternative to 'File > Print > PDF > Save PDF'.

    New Extension: Hiver
    Use Gmail for customer support with the newly supported Hiver extension. Manage shared mailboxes like support@ and sales@ and share labels with your team.

    Paste Files
    'Edit > Paste' can now paste files too. You don't need to use the separate 'Edit > Paste File' menu item anymore.

    Upgrade your License
    You can now easily upgrade your personal to a family license or add further seats to your site license via 'Mailplane > License...'.

    OmniFocus 3
    'File > Save Clip...' now supports OmniFocus 3, the gold standard to‑do app.

    Fixes and Improvements
    • Unread message counter didn't always refresh
    • Unread message counter in status item showed an outdated unread counter when user wasn't logged in
    • Improved performance when opening a new mail conversation from a notification or the status item
    • Improved performance when composing a message in a separate window
    • Improved swipe gesture to navigate back/forward
    • Text replacements can now be inserted by pressing the 'Enter' key
    • Image annotation feature would sometimes not finish downloading an image
    • Fixed a crash opening external links from Calendar
    • Inbox users can now 'upgrade' to Gmail using the link provided by Google
    • Some attachments would be attached to an unexpected draft
    • Opening the bookmark panel twice would disable bookmarks until next restart
    • Some JPG files where too big after attachment optimization
    • Window position wasn't always restored correctly on startup
    • Gmail canned responses can now be created
    • Mailplane now shows a specific error message when it has trouble accessing the keychain
    • You can now use Cmd-F in Gmail's PDF Preview to find something
    • Fixed empty PDF files when using 'File > Print > PDF > Save PDF'
    • Cmd+[ and Cmd+] didn't indent/outdent text when composing a message
    • Mailplane used the dedicated GPU on certain MacBook Pro models
    • Fixed error message when adding an account without choosing a color
    • Fixed accidental zooming of window content
    • Fixed various issues related to keyboard shortcuts
    • Upgrade of underlying browser technology to latest release
    • Generally improved usage of system resources
    • Clicking the download button didn't always work
    • 'Save Clip' didn't create a clip for some users
    • 'Save Clip' links in Evernote didn't always work
    • Tab unread counter didn't show for some non-English Gmail inboxes