• 17 Feb 2019

    Mailplane 4.1.2

    New Extension: Mixmax
    Add powerful analytics, automation, and enhancements for your outbound communications by using the newly supported Mixmax extension. Simply go to 'Preferences... > Extensions'.

    Gmelius & Salesforce Desktop Notifications
    Mailplane shows desktop notifications sent by Gmelius and Salesforce extensions. Simply unblock Gmail alerts in 'Preferences... > Accounts > Advanced' and make sure 'Mail notifications' is off in your Gmail settings.

    Drag Attachments to Finder
    Drag attachments directly from Gmail to Finder (e.g. your Desktop or any other folder).

    Fixes and Improvements
    • Fixed keyboard shortcut for Emoji & Symbols
    • Fixed accelerator key issues with Dvorak layout
    • Improved Dark Mode
    • Images from Chat do now open in Mailplane instead of default browser
    • Fixed tab color in full-screen mode
    • Main window default is too small for new user
    • Fixed functionality which forces Gmail to refresh when we receive a new message
    • Fixed 'Look Up' via context menu (dictionary) in compose
    • Fixed 'Edit > Copy Mailplane Link' in split pane mode
    • Fixed focus issue when using Cmd-L in conversation view
    • Fixed crash while opening/closing 'Window > Search Window'
    • Clicking on dock icon does now activate the last focused window instead of main window
    • Shows quick entry dialog without activating OmniFocus
    • Fixed 'File > Save Clip' for Evernote and DEVONthink
    • Fixed missing camera permission for meet.google.com