• 16 Apr 2019

    Mailplane 4.1.3

    Help Videos
    We created video tutorials about Search Everywhere, Bookmarks, Save Clip, and Image Annotations. Check them out by clicking Help > Videos in the menu.

    Adapted to Gmail Changes
    Both Cmd+Shift+D to send emails and Gmail's dark mode are back in operation.

    Good-bye Inbox by Gmail
    Google discontinued "Inbox by Gmail" by the end of last month. We had to say our farewells too and removed Mailplane's support for it.

    Fixes and Improvements
    • Error messages because when the Boomerang extension was enabled
    • Fixed secure input warnings in TextExpander
    • Latest Zoom extension wasn't able to authenticate
    • Linked In Sales Navigator extensions didn't download
    • Preference window position changed when clicking toolbar buttons on a secondary monitor
    • Auto-login didn't always work on the Gmail welcome page