• 10 Aug 2019

    Mailplane 4.1.4

    New Extension: Simplify Gmail
    Do you miss Google Inbox? Do you want a cleaner Gmail? Try the newly supported Simplify Gmail extension. Simply go to 'Preferences... > Extensions'.

    macOS Catalina (10.15)
    As of today, Mailplane is compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15). But we can't guarantee that it continues to work perfectly since macOS Catalina is still in beta.

    DEVONthink 3
    DEVONthink 3 is currently in public beta. Mailplane already supports it. Try it via "File > Save Clip" and the attachment functionality.

    Verified by Google
    Mailplane is now officially trusted to use the Gmail API. In the process we adjusted the login flow to meet the latest security requirements. Read more here.

    Fixes and Improvements
    • Added Chrome Extensions auto-update.
    • Toolbar customization stopped working.
    • Text replacements were not case sensitive.
    • Supports 'Ctrl+Cmd+Left Arrow' and 'Ctrl+Cmd+Right Arrow' keyboard shortcuts to navigate to next and previous tab.
    • Notifications, Bookmarks, Mailplane Links and Navigation Window did open conversation in the first tab instead of the current tab.
    • Unread message counter and notifications didn't show for some users.
    • Image annotation could crash when using the blurring tool.
    • Closing main window when full screen didn't close the space.
    • Mailplane didn't restore into full screen on startup.
    • Some users would see error messages when Mailplane cleaned up cached download files.
    • Chat pop-out didn't open window.
    • Cmd+F didn't focus search field when it was already visible.
    • Supports Things 3 via "File > Save Clip".
    • Unfortunately we had to stop supporting Mixmax, Salesforce & Right-Inbox extensions due to compatiblity reasons.