• 30 Nov 2019

    Mailplane 4.2.0

    Manage Bookmarks
    Edit, order, and delete your Bookmarks in the new 'Edit Bookmarks' window

    Improved macOS Catalina support
    Fixed permissions, share extension and dark mode for macOS Catalina users.

    DEVONThink 3
    Added support for the final version of DEVONthink 3. Read here what's new in DEVONthink 3 and give it a try via "File > Save Clip..." in Mailplane.

    Fixes and Improvements
    • Re-open last visited Gmail location on Mailplane startup.
    • Opens the Simplify Gmail Extension settings page via the "Mail > Extensions > Simplify Gmail" menu item.
    • "File > Save Clip" runs now in the background which avoids blocking Mailplane.
    • Gmail accounts with two letter domains are now supported.
    • Reduced CPU usage when Mailplane is idle.
    • Grammarly login didn't work for some users.
    • Mailplane showed authentication error when Gmail address didn't exactly match the account email.
    • Certain images in emails were inverted in dark mode.
    • Auto-login didn't work for all users.
    • Fixed Auto-login loop when password was changed in Google accounts.
    • 'Forward' toolbar button works in the separate window as well.
    • Receipts.app licensed via SetApp didn't show up in "File > Save Clip...".