• 02 Apr 2020

    Mailplane 4.2.2

    • Google showed an 'browser incompatibility' error while trying to sign-in for some users.
    • Unread message counter and new mail notifications didn't show up for some users. Gmail introduced a new "Multiple Inboxes" inbox option which caused our logic to stutter.
    • Fixed integration with Timing app.
    • Window position and size will be remembered for separate windows as well.
    • `Calendar > Save` menu item is enabled when creating a new calendar entry.
    • Focus will now be set to to, subject, or body field if Auto-BCC is enabled (Preferences > Accounts > Advanced > Auto-BCC).
    • Inline image download buttons are now visible in dark mode as well. You see them while hovering over the inline image.
    • Removed "LinkedIn Sales Navigator" extension from our list because it has been sunset by LinkedIn.