• 10 Nov 2020

    Mailplane 4.3.0

    macOS Big Sur
    Mailplane 4.3 supports macOS Big Sur. Unfortunately upcoming Apple Silicon based Macs aren't yet supported, but we're working on it. Read more here.

    Save Clip: Clipboard
    'Save Clip' has a new Clipboard option. It allows you to copy the current message as Markdown to the clipboard.

    Notifier & Signed Out Accounts
    The indicator in the menu bar shows if an account has been signed out in the background.

    Discrete GPU
    Go to 'Preferences > Style' and uncheck the 'Enable GPU rendering' option. It helps to save battery life by using the integrated instead of the discrete GPU.

    Re-open last visited location on startup
    Go to 'Preferences > Accounts > Advanced' and uncheck 'Re-open last visited Gmail location on startup' if you want to open the inbox instead of the last visited location on startup.

    Fixes and Improvements
    • Canceling 'Insert Screenshot' with ESC doesn't lead to a crash anymore.
    • Fixed a few 'Save Clip' issues.
    • "View entire message" stays dark as well if dark setting is toggled.
    • Fixed an edge case where the notifier count didn't match the one in the tab.