• 10 Nov 2020

    Mailplane 4.3.0

    macOS Big Sur
    Mailplane 4.3 supports macOS Big Sur. Based on our tests, it also runs well on M1-based Macs.

    Save Clip: Clipboard
    'Save Clip' has a new Clipboard option. It allows you to copy the current message as Markdown to the clipboard.

    Notifier & Signed Out Accounts
    The indicator in the menu bar shows if an account has been signed out in the background.

    Discrete GPU
    Go to 'Preferences > Style' and uncheck the 'Enable GPU rendering' option. It helps to save battery life by using the integrated instead of the discrete GPU.

    Re-open last visited location on startup
    Go to 'Preferences > Accounts > Advanced' and uncheck 'Re-open last visited Gmail location on startup' if you want to open the inbox instead of the last visited location on startup.

    Fixes and Improvements
    • Canceling 'Insert Screenshot' with ESC doesn't lead to a crash anymore.
    • Fixed a few 'Save Clip' issues.
    • "View entire message" stays dark as well if dark setting is toggled.
    • Fixed an edge case where the notifier count didn't match the one in the tab.