06 Oct 2007 by Ruben

Alternative introductory price and education discount

I received numerous reactions on the Mailplane price announcement released last week.
Many have immediately bought a license - thank you so much for your support!!

Some of you are still missing some features and are not ready to buy Mailplane for the set price. If you feel this way, please be assured that I will add more features to the product and continue to improve on it. I suggest you to follow the Mailplane development closely and register when it fits your bill.

I received quite a few requests to make Mailplane either free or very low cost. For several reasons, this cannot be considered since it is not what I have intended for Mailplane.

Introduction price:
I really do appreciate YOUR support building this app, and I will therefore offer an alternative for the beta users that do not have the need for a family option: Buy a single user license for $19.95 (regular price $24.95)

Again, this is an alternative to the free family option. The current "family" offer is unchanged: Single user license + family option for $24.95 (regular price $32.95).

Remember: It's for beta users only - the offer ends when Mailplane goes public.

Education discount:
I am also happy to offer an education discount. If you learn or work at a university and you have an EDU email address, you can generate a coupon code. The discount is 30% off the single user license price.

If you already bought a license and you want the reduced price instead of the free family option and/or you qualify for the education discount, no problem. A separate email with instructions how to get your refund will be sent soon.