15 Dec 2015 by Jessica

Learning Series: Tips

A little post about some features that perhaps you are not aware of.

Reset Mailplane: Did you know that clicking Mailplane > Reset Mailplane can help cure a lot of smaller hiccups? It’s a magical little feature that does not cause any change on the forefront of your Mailplane account, but can help re-sync Mailplane to Gmail and correct any off behaviour.

See the URL if you mouse over a hyperlink: You get a pop up similar to the browser experience, if you’ve got View > Show Status Bar enabled.

Trackpad Gestures: Use the two-finger slide gesture to go back or forward in the browsing history.

Do you send a lot of emails to yourself? We have a Hotkey feature to do so easily. Go to Preferences > Shortcuts to set up “Compose Note to Self”.

Close the main window: You can close the main window with File > Close Window (or Command-W) and bring it back with Window > Main Window (or Command-0). Closing helps to save resources, get your inbox out of sight but it’s still quick to bring it back again.

Custom Sounds: Would you like to add custom sounds into Mailplane? Read our tutorial here.

Gentle Reminders: Instead of the reminder interrupting your workflow, Gentle Reminders will blink in the background or you can choose a sound notification. Read our tutorial here

Happy Holidays!