• 'Send via Mailplane 3' Share Extension

    Mailplane’s new share extension allows users to share files, urls and text from various applications (e.g. Photos, Pages, Numbers, Safari, TextEdit, etc.).

  • Todoist

    Todoist is a popular to-do list and task manager. With Mailplane you can easily create tasks based on Gmail conversations (it isn’t supported in Google Inbox due to technical limitations).

  • OmniFocus 2

    OmniFocus is a great “Getting Things Done” tool and with Mailplane you can easily create tasks based on Gmail conversations.

  • Print Dialog: Mail PDF

    Mailplane provides a print dialog action to send a PDF from any application.

  • iWork / Office

    Unfortunately, 3rd party applications like Mailplane aren’t allowed to support the Share > Email functionality in iWork/MS Office anymore. Below you’ll find a short description how you can work around it and still share iWork / Office documents easily via Email.

  • Alfred

    Alfred (v.2.0.3) and later supports Mailplane 3 out of the box.

  • Alfred

    Alfred (v.2.0.3) and later supports Mailplane 3 out of the box.

  • Things

    It’s very easy to create a new to-dos based on email conversations. Most importantly, Things creates a to-do that links back to the Gmail conversation.

  • Evernote

    Remember and track your email conversations with Evernote.

  • LaunchBar

    LaunchBar uses service menu items as actions. Here’s how you can create an email w/ attachments from Launchbar 5:

  • AppleScript

    AppleScript is a scripting language built into MacOS. It is primarily designed to exchange data between applications in order to automate repetitive tasks. See more here.

  • Terminal

    Terminal.app comes pre-installed and you’ll find it in Applications > Utilities.

  • Service Menu Items

    Access Mailplane’s service menu items from any application to send messages or search your inbox.

  • GrandTotal

    Die beliebte Rechnungssoftware für den Mac.

  • Receipts

    Receipts ist die perfekte Ergänzung zu Mailplane, falls Sie viele Belege via E-Mail bekommen. Receipts macht das Sammeln und Verwalten von Belegen einfach.

  • Fantastical 2

    Fantastical versendet Termine via Mailplane.

  • DEVONthink Pro

    DEVONthink Pro organisiert all Ihre Dokumente.

  • BusyCal

    BusyCal kann Termineinladungen via Mailplane senden.

  • BusyContacts

    BusyContacts kann Kontakte via Mailplane senden.

  • macOS Contacts

    Use "Edit > Save to Contact" to save the sender to Contacts app and use "Mail > Insert > Email Address..." to lookup email addresses in Contacts app while composing or replying to a message.

  • Lyn

    Bilder aus Lyn können direkt via Mailplane versendet werden.

  • GraphicConverter

    GraphicConverter bietet Ihnen all das, was Sie von einer Allround-Bildbearbeitungssoftware für Ihren Mac erwarten: Einfache Nutzung, einen herausragenden Leistungsumfang sowie größte Stabilität und Zuverlässigkeit.