Released on 18 Jul 2015


Sign In Attempt BlockedSign-in attempt blocked
Mailplane won't trigger 'sign-in attempt blocked' emails from Google anymore. Read our short FAQ article if you see a '!' sign in the notifier or dock badge and need help.

Compose Without TabCompose without tab
Compose a message with an account that doesn't have an open tab. Define e.g. a keyboard shortcut (Preferences... > Shortcuts) or use the notifier, dock menu or our 'Send via Mailplane 3' share extension.

SSO Sign InSingle Sign-On
Google Apps accounts which redirect to the SSO sign-in page now stay signed in after a restart if there's a password set in Mailplane (Preferences... > Accounts > General).

Fixes and Improvements
  • Upgraded to Streak 6.18 and fixed our integration
  • Fixed further potential crashes.