05 Oct 2017

Macoun 2017

You’ll find us this weekend at Macoun in Frankfurt, Germany. It is the largest iOS & macOS developer conference in Europe.

29 Sep 2017

ScreenCastsOnline Tutorial

ScreenCastsOnline published a video tutorial. It takes a look at alternative email clients for Mac if Apple Mail isn’t going to cut it for you anymore. One of them is Mailplane.

10 Aug 2017

Manage large events in Google Calendar

Organizers working on large Google Calendar events (200 or more guests) can use Google Sheets to see who is attending and large group mailing lists are now updating if memberships are changing.

24 Jun 2017

Google will stop reading your emails for ads

Google will stop reading your email contents for ads inside Gmail. While this is definitively good news, ads will continue to appear inside the free version of Gmail based on information Google already pulls from sources as search and YouTube.

08 Mar 2017

Mailplane's 10th Birthday

Ten years ago, Ruben published his very first blog post hoping to get a handful of test pilots for Mailplane. He started it a few months earlier on the beautiful Island of Corsica as an iPhoto plugin for himself to attach pictures to a Gmail message. From there, Mailplane grew to a site-specific browser for Gmail.

02 Mar 2017

Receive emails of up to 50MB

Google just announced that Gmail is now able to receive emails of up to 50MB. Unfortunately, sending size limits will remain the same at 25MB. You still need to use services like Google Drive or Dropbox to send larger attachments.

20 Oct 2016

New original message UI

Gmail shows now a list of headers and the actual text of the message in the new original message UI.

23 Aug 2016

Fantastical & Mailplane

Fantastical 2.2.5 uses Mailplane to send calendar events when Mailplane is set as your default email application.

18 Aug 2016

Security warnings in Gmail

Gmail started to introduce two new security warnings. Not all affected emails will be dangerous but it helps to decide if replying to or clicking on links in messages is safe.

15 Jun 2016

The Verge Review

Mailplane has had the pleasure of being reviewed by Thomas Ricker from The Verge last month. It’s about the plainness of Mailplane in the sense that it gives you an unadulterated Gmail experience.

29 May 2016

Gentle notifications lab feature graduated

Gentle Notifications lab became a fully supported feature. Enabling it in Google Calendar lets event notifications appear as desktop notifications instead of interruptive dialog boxes.

19 Apr 2016

Reminders come to Google Calendar

Google is adding the option to give yourself a reminder for your Calendar events! This new functionality will work on both your mobile device and your web based version of Gmail.

09 Feb 2016

Mailplane Gets Reviewed

Mailplane has had the pleasure of being reviewed on quite a few sites since our last post and here’s the short and sweet of it!

02 May 2015

Learning Series: Switch to Account

Have you ever wondered what features you are missing in Mailplane? Well, we’re here to help you with that. We have a short series of blog posts that will introduce you to some features you might have been missing.

26 Dec 2014

End of the year Mailplane reviews

“Try The Mac App For Google-holics” is the headline of this witty, easily read blog review. Tera highlights Mailplane’s Calendar integration, which sends notifications and allows you to easily accept invites and manage your Calendar, as well as the ability to hide Gmail ads. You can check out her full review here.

18 Nov 2014

OS X Yosemite

If you haven’t yet heard, Apple released another new OS X recently called Yosemite. It has a nice, sleek, sort of old style feel to it. You can read a bit about the new features here.

04 Oct 2014

Gmail Themes

If you hadn’t taken notice yet, Gmail really updated the ‘Themes’ section within their Settings menu. There were approximately 35 Themes to choose from before and now the possibilities are unlimited. You can choose from one of their Themes, your own photos or even awesome Themes that have been created and shared by other users.

21 Aug 2014

Help Page

We hope you are enjoying your summer so far!

17 Jun 2014

iLegalPad Review

Mailplane recently had the opportunity to be reviewed by Ronald Schoedel of iLegalPad and Alaska User Group. He wrote up wonderful review and it’s well worth the read. I have a feeling you may learn a couple Mailplane related tricks from his write up, as he didn’t miss a thing!

21 Apr 2014

Gmail's New Inserting Interface

Gmail has introduced a new interface for users to add inline images to messages. Now, when you click the ‘Insert Images’ icon, Gmail will show all the photos highlighted by Google+. The highlighted photos will be chosen by Google (using “clever algorithms”). These will be displayed by default when you visit your Google+ Photos.

25 Mar 2014

Gmail Updates Security

Starting last week, Gmail has made your email even more secure. Although Gmail has already used a secure HTTPS connection, the new update makes sure your emails are also encrypted when traveling directly within Google’s data centers.

12 Feb 2014

Google Contacts Made Easier

Google has added some new features that will make finding and handling your contacts much easier; the ability to star your contacts and a simple way to email your Google+ circles.

29 Dec 2013

Apple Insider Review

We received yet another fabulous review from Apple Insider for their Apps for your Mac; Best Email Clients article.

16 Dec 2013

Always show images

Gmail is now handling inline images a little differently. Instead of being asked if you want to display the images within a message (which can sometimes contain malware from unknown senders), Gmail will now handle the images on their own secure proxy servers.

15 Dec 2013

Export Gmail and Calendar

Gmail is adding another feature, which will be rolling out over the next couple months. This one should give users a bit of peace of mind.

29 Nov 2013

MacNews Mailplane Review

We came across an awesome article written on reviewing our most recent release of Mailplane 3 which includes an update to use Google’s new attachment experience.

20 Nov 2013

Love Gmail, Use Mailplane

Today Wil Gomex from released a great little review article about Mailplane. We always love reading from our customers’ perspective!

14 Nov 2013

OS X Mavericks

How time flies! OS X Mavericks has already been in the wild for three weeks.

16 Sep 2013

The Idea Behind the New Compose

We have had many emails to us regarding Gmail’s new compose window, so I figured I’d take a minute to explain the idea behind Google’s change.

16 Sep 2013

Adding events to Google Calendar

Google has made it even easier to add events to your Calendar directly from your Gmail. You can now see that dates and times are lightly underlined within an email. Please note that the email won’t be underlined if you send it to yourself from your own account.

15 Aug 2013

Old compose mode is no longer available

Google has started dropping the old compose mode. Thus, you’re no longer able to switch back to the old compose mode. Luckily Mailplane 2.5.12 and Mailplane 3 are already supporting the new compose mode.

06 Aug 2013

Using the Full Screen Option with New Compose

The new compose window just got better! Google released a nice little update allowing users to open a larger compose window instead of having to use the tiny chat-like box! You can open the full screen box by clicking the arrow on the inline compose box.

28 Jul 2013

Mailplane 2.5.12

Google introduced a new compose mode in Gmail at the end of last year. Mailplane 3 supported it from the beginning but Mailplane 2 required you to revert back to the old compose mode. We promised to not let Mailplane 2 ‘die’ if Google drops the old compose mode permanently.

27 Jun 2013

Mailplane 3 MacWorld Review

We recently received an amazing review from MacWorld. You can check out the full article, though here is a little tidbit from their article:

27 Jun 2013

Gmail Begins Year 10!

Gmail is heading into it’s 10th year! How fast time flies! The Gmail blog posted an interesting article about the evolution of Gmail over the last 9 years!

26 Apr 2013

Mailplane 3 in the Press

The last two weeks were pretty exciting and we received a lot of great responses and we already released an update. Thanks to all of you for your support and patience if our support responses took a bit longer than usual.

16 Apr 2013

Mailplane 3 Has Arrived!

We’re very happy to officially announce Mailplane 3 today. This is a major update to our popular Mac OSX application for Gmail.

28 Feb 2013

How to remove Google Plus from your account

We know some users with Google Accounts have Google Plus attached and do not like it that way. Well, keep reading to see how to remove Google Plus from your account! All credit goes to Rob Griffiths @rgriff on Twitter (Thanks Rob!) If you have an account with Google Plus attached, visit this site and disable Google plus: Downgrade Google Plus After you sign in again, you should look like this: We hope this helps some of you! :) -Cheers Jessica

13 Feb 2013

Hello from Mailplane Support!

I thought I'd finally 'drop in' and officially say "Hello" to all our fantastic Mailplane customers! I've spoken to many of you via our customer support and it's been a lot of fun learning new things and occasionally, teaching you new things! ;-) My name is Jessica and I've been Mailplane's customer support gal for a year now. I'm actually out in Chilly Northern Canada, while the masterminds behind Mailplane originate up in Switzerland! We're quite world wide!! Things have been pretty exciting learning Mailplane 2, dealing with all of the challenges that Apple's most recent OS X Mountain Lion brought along and now preparing for the big release of Mailplane 3! I have really enjoyed getting to know some of you as well as I feel I have, and I truly appreciate the kindness of our customers. I think we've lucked out! If anyone ever has any issues, no matter how small, I'd much rather you send me a quick email than sit frustrated with Mailplane! So please don't hesitate in .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) at all. Bugs, feature requests....Just some LOVE....We love reading it all! :-P Thanks again and I know I'll be 'speaking' with you soon! (Though hopefully more for the love and less for the bugs!) Cheers; Jessica Customer Support Ninja

28 Jan 2012

Macworld | iWorld 2012 - San Francisco [Picture]

This was our second day at Macworld | iWorld 2012: Wow - that was really really good day. Tons of feedback, demos and chats with customers, the press, and people discovering Replies and Mailplane. This exhibition is great! We love it.

06 Sep 2011

Portuguese Mailplane Review

Jarnio Sarmento has published a comprehensive Mailplane review on his blog. If you can read Portuguese, here it is.

17 Aug 2011

Around Apple reviews Mailplane

Around Apple wrote an extensive Mailplane review in Russian. You can use the language button to translate it into English or eight other languages.

09 Aug 2011

Mailplane 2.5 released

Mailplane 2.5 has just been released. It includes two new features and Mac OS X Lion related bug fixes. To install it, either use the "Mailplane > Check for update" menu item or download it here.

05 Aug 2011

New Gmail lab feature: Preview Pane

With the new 'Preview Pane' lab feature, your inbox looks a bit more like Gmail on your iPad and lets you quickly scan messages without opening them:

05 Aug 2011

Gmail Snooze with Apps Script

Read and answer emails at a later time by snoozing them. Google has published a script that lets you snooze an email for 1 to 5 days. Check out the Gmail blog post for more details.

02 Jul 2011

A preview of Gmail’s new look

Google is working on a new Gmail look. You can already try it as a Gmail Theme: 1. Click the gear icon in top right of the main window 2. Click the "Mail Settings" link 2. Select the "Themes" tab 3. Either "Preview" or "Preview (Dense)" to switch to the new theme.

22 Jun 2011

Improved Boomerang Plugin

The Boomerang plugin (by Baydin) just got some improvements. It is now possible to schedule email in a "separate" compose window, for instance.

31 May 2011

Introducing the Gmail people widget

I personally use Rapportive to learn more about the people behind the emails. However, some of you are might be more interested about the interactions that you’ve had with a person rather than the social networks on which they appear. Seeing and solving that lack of context, [Google has introduced a People Widget for Gmail(

11 Mar 2011

New Gmail lab feature: Smart Labels

The new "Smart Labels" lab feature automatically filters messages according to "Priority Inbox" information. You'll get Bulk, Notifications, and Forums folders:

01 Mar 2011

Gmail back soon for everyone

0.02% of all Gmail users temporarly lost access to their accounts. According to Google, this problem should be fixed very soon. For status updates, visit the "Apps Status Dashboard".

21 Jan 2011

VVMac Magazine: Mailplane Receives 4.5 out of 5 Stars!

The French VVMac (Vous et Votre Mac) magazine has just published a very favourable Mailplane review: Mailplane got 4.5 out of 5 possible stars!The review is in issue 64, which is now available at newsstands throughout France, Belgium, and Switzerland.

05 Nov 2010

Five new Gmail Themes

Today, Google released five new Gmail themes. Here are three examples:

27 Oct 2010

New Gmail lab feature: Auto-advance to the next conversation

Many Mailplane users have wanted to auto-advance to the next conversation after performing an archive or trash operation. Mailplane has offered an option in the Tweak UI preference pane, but it only worked for archive. Now Gmail solves the problem by adding the new auto-advance lab feature:

30 Sep 2010

Turn off Gmail’s conversation view

I absolutely love Gmail conversations. Whenever I try another email client, I terribly miss them. If you do not agree, here's the solution:

20 Sep 2010

Mailplane 2.2 released

Mailplane 2.2 has just been released. It's free for all registered Mailplane users. Either use the Mailplane > Check for update menu item or visit the download page to get it.

26 Aug 2010

Call phones from Gmail (for U.S. users only)

Is Gmail's voice and video chat becoming a serious Skype competition? Now, it even supports calling to normal phones.The new feature is only available for Gmail users in the USA. Hopefully, this will change some day.

07 Aug 2010

Mailplane 2.1.10 released

FIX: Text cursor stopped blinking after installing Safari 5.0.1 FIX: Different crashes and freezes after installing Safari 5.0.1 FIX: Spellchecker didn't work after installing Safari 5.0.1 FIX: File > Page Setup didn't work when main window had the focus (only worked from the "print" window) IMPROVED: The Rapportive plugin is loaded using https:// instead of http:// FIX: Better clear caches on account switch to prevent "Loading takes longer" issue. NEW: Latest MacBook Pro NVIDIA card switching workaround. Disable Adobe Flash plugin using a preference. To change the preference, open Terminal and enter defaults write com.mailplaneapp.Mailplane DisableFlashPlugin -bool YES UPDATED: French translation (Preference window) FIX: SAMLAccounts preference didn't work when Google Gears was disabled.

09 Jun 2010

Gmail video and voice chat improvements

Google has improved Google video and voice chats. The new toolbar now lets you easily install the video chat internet plugin. Here's the difference:

28 May 2010

New Google Tool: Migrating from Microsoft Outlook

Google published a new tool to easily migrate your Microsoft Outlook mail, calendars, and personal contacts. The migration tool available for Education and Premier Google Apps users. Read the Google announcement here.

02 Mar 2010

Gmail Labs graduation and retirement

Until now, the list of Gmail lab features was growing and growing. A few days ago, Google has shortened the list by graduating and retiring some lab features.

02 Mar 2010

Fast “separate” Gmail windows

Great news for Mailplane users: "Separate" Gmail windows got much faster! Try the File > New Separate menu item or shift-click a conversation in the Gmail overview list to see the difference.

15 Feb 2010

Mailplane supports Google Buzz

Exciting news for Gmail users: Google Buzz is here! It allows you to share updates, links, photos, and videos with your friends and/or the world:

15 Feb 2010

Improved Google Search in Labs

Google has improved the "Google Search" lab feature in Gmail. You can now "google" for dictionary definitions, do calculations, search for local stuff and get weather forecasts.Plus: You can search for selected text directly from a message composition.

29 Jan 2010

Mailplane 2.1.4 released

NEW: AppleScript/OutgoingMessage property for picture optimization: optimizeAttachments. FIX: Command-L and other keyboard shortcuts/buttons didn't work anymore (caused by Gmail changes). FIX: Apply/Remove label didn't filter with the current search text when re-opened. FIX: HTML signature above quoted text didn't work with the "Default Text Styling" lab feature. FIX: Under some circumstances the drag and drop message didn't disappear. FIX: iPhoto plugin removal didn't completely restore to the previous state FIX: Separate window and print window didn't always have a title. FIX: Drag/Drop to app icon didn't always optimize pictures.

27 Jan 2010

“Real Uses” blog: Interview about Mailplane

Michael A. Crane interviewed me about Mailplane: How the project got started, what the product is all about, and developer life in general. Check out the interview on his blog.

11 Jan 2010

Solution for the Gmail/WebKit issue causing crashes

A recent Gmail update crashes Mailplane, Safari, and other WebKit based applications. The Gmail help forum has a couple of threads concerning this problem and it is now listed on the Gmail known issues page. Not all Gmail accounts seem to be affected, but those who are, experience a duplicating chat box that lead to a crash.

21 Dec 2009

Using ScreenSteps with Mailplane

ScreenSteps is a great application for creating step-by-step documentation and knowledge bases. It makes it easy to capture screenshots, annotate them with text and arrows, add text and explanation and finally export the complete article in different formats like PDF or HTML.

24 Nov 2009

Like to try “Send attachments while offline”?

Today, Google announced an important improvement: "Offline Gmail" users are now able to send messages including attachments when they are offline. The upcoming Mailplane 2.1.1 version will allow attachment drag and drop while you are offline.

18 Nov 2009

Mailplane 2.1 released

Mailplane 2.1 has just been released and is free for all registered users. Use the Mailplane > Check for Update menu item to load it or use the direct download link.

12 Nov 2009

New Mailplane how-to articles

Mailplane offers more than one might realize. The new "how-to" documentation can help you get more out of Mailplane. Each how-to article comes with screenshots and step by step instructions.

28 Oct 2009

I’ll give a talk at the International “QL & Mac are 25” event

Early 1984 two milestones were unfolded on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Europe was first with the launch of the 32bit multitasking/multi-windowing Sinclair QL. 12 days later America saw the launch of the 32bit GUI Apple Macintosh. Because of this anniversary, the Sinclair QL community has organized the International "QL & Mac are 25" event.

25 Sep 2009

New Gmail lab feature: Hide read labels

The Gmail team just released another lab feature. If you use filters to automatically label your incoming mail, this new feature may come in handy:

22 Sep 2009

Push Gmail for iPhone and Windows Mobile

Today, Google announced "Push Gmail" for iPhone and Windows Mobile. This is incredible news for users who need or want instant email notifications on their iPhone:

04 Sep 2009

Download Google Gears workaround for Snow Leopard

The last blog about "Google Gears on Snow Leopard" post stirred much interest: Many Mailplane users want to try the Snow Leopard workaround to get their "Offline Gmail" back. This persuaded me to provide the binary Gears download: Visit the download page.

27 Aug 2009

Gmail: Mail and contact import for everyone

Do you old email accounts? Move them over to your beloved Gmail account and use/search them inside Mailplane: The Accounts & Contacts import is now available to everyone. It can import Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, and POP3 accounts.

04 Aug 2009

Mailplane at the Bodega app store

Mailplane is now listed at the "Bodega" app store! Like the iTunes App Store for iPhone Bodega is a free application you install on your Mac. You can use Bodega to browse, download, update and buy Mac applications.

03 Aug 2009

Tasks graduates from Gmail Labs

You already noticed the "Tasks" link in your Gmail sidebar? This feature used to be lab feature and is now available to all Gmail users. You may find this video useful:

03 Aug 2009

Gmail now displays images in messages from your contacts

But often the messages you get with images are from friends or family and there's no reason to worry about your privacy — you just want to see the photo of your newborn niece or the invitation design they're sending you. So, in these cases, we've decided to start displaying images by default. Now, whenever someone you've emailed at least twice sends you a message containing images, you'll see them right away. Note that we picked this threshold of two messages to start with, but we may tweak it if it doesn't seem right going forward. And we only display images by default for authenticated messages (using SPF or DKIM). Gmail and other big mail providers usually authenticate their mail, but other services might not, so it's possible you'll get an email from one of your contacts where images aren't displayed by default.

08 Apr 2009

Gmail Labs goes global

Hooray! According to the "official Gmail blog" Gmail lab features are now available in all supported Gmail languages - not just English!

17 Mar 2009

Mailplane wonderfulness

Just found a nice and personal Mailplane review. It has been written by David Coldrick from Tasmania:

17 Mar 2009

Japanese Review

Mailplane has been reviewed by a well known Japanese journalist. I'm unable to quote anything from it, but if you know Japanese you'll like it:

16 Mar 2009

Mailplane 2.0.7 released

FIX: Click the Growl notification or an unread message opened a compose second window. Same problem when printing emails. FIX: Gmail wasn't properly focused after hiding the app or re-opening the main window. FIX: Preferences->Tweak UI->highlight selected row didn't work for unread messages FIX: BadRequest/Timeouts when authenticating. FIX: Unread message notifications stopped working for some users.

09 Mar 2009

Mailplane 2.0.6 relased

CHANGE: New attachment "uploader" is only used for Flash 9/Leopard users. Flash 10 users: I am currently working on a solution. FIX: After taking a screenshots, no other attachments could be processed. FIX: Safari 4 beta users: Mailplane wrote many log messages when the main window was closed, or the app was hidden. UPDATED: Chinese, French, Italian, Romanian, and Spanish

04 Mar 2009

Gmail update: Attachments with progress bars

Mailplane has always had multiple ways to attach your files and pictures to a message: Drag and Drop, iPhoto plugin, cut and paste, the media browser, screenshots, PDF Service, and more. Now Google has added something many users have waited for: Progress bars when uploading attachments.

15 Feb 2009

Mailplane 2.0.3 released

Mailplane 2.0.3 is a free maintenance release. Use Mailplane->Check for update to load it or download it manually.

05 Feb 2009

Mailplane 2.0.2 released

Mailplane 2.0.2 is a free maintenance release. Use Mailplane->Check for update to load it or download it manually.

29 Jan 2009

Offline Gmail is coming to Mailplane

Many users wanted offline Gmail in Mailplane, this was the #1 feature request. I've always hoped for a Google Gears solution as it would be the perfect fit. Yesterday, Google published "offline Gmail" as a Google Lab feature. And it's based on Google Gears!

10 Jan 2009

Mailplane 2.0.1 released

Mailplane 2.0.1 has just been released, the "Check for Update" menu item will load it. Here's what you'll get:

12 Dec 2008

Frosty’s Mumblings: Mailplane 2.0 Review

Bill Martens just wrote a very nice review about Mailplane 2.0. He's a longtime Mailplane user, and just upgraded from 1.61.7 to the new 2.0 version. He talks about his experiences and about which features he likes most. A great read!

26 Oct 2008

Gmail Tip: How to send “subject only” messages

If you add "EOM" (end of message) to the end of your subject, Gmail will not complain about an empty message text. This allows you to quickly send short subject only email messages like "Coffee at 9:30? EOM". Official Gmail blog entry

25 Oct 2008

Mailplane 2.0 Beta 10 Released

Mailplane 2.0 beta 10 has just been released. Use "Mailplane->Check for update" from the menu or download the latest version from the download page.

20 Oct 2008

How Do I Unmute a Gmail Conversation?

Yesterday, I discovered that I had accidentally muted an important conversation. I found no obvious way to undo it. This lifehacker blog post points to the solution:

25 Sep 2008

New Screencast: How to change keyboard shortcuts

Many Mailplane users ask about how to change a keyboard shortcut. For instance, many would prefer to send messages by pressing Cmd-Enter instead of Cmd-Shift-D. Cmd-Enter is the keyboard shortcut used in Thunderbird and Entourage.

22 Sep 2008

Mailplane 2.0 Beta 9 Released

Mailplane 2.0 beta 9 has just been released. Use "Mailplane->Check for update" from the menu or download the latest version from the download page.

18 Sep 2008

Mailplane 1.61.5 Released

When the new Gmail setting "Always use https" was turned on, Mailplane wouldn't load the inbox on first try. This release fixes the problem.

31 Jul 2008

“Gmail Redesigned” stylesheet for Mailplane

Mike Krieger has ported the famous and elegant "Gmail Redesigned" stylesheet to Mailplane! Designed by GlobexDesigns, the stylesheet is part of the "Better Gmail" Firefox extension. It worked in Firefox only and thanks to Mike now in Mailplane, too.Please visit the mailplaneapp Google group to get it. The CSS file is located in the "Files" section and is named "gmail-redesigned-webkit (n).css" (n is the version number).

04 Jul 2008

Summer Vacation

Wow - it has been a great year so far! Now some vacation, family, and "offline" time is really needed. I'll be on vacation for two weeks and will be back on July, 21.Destination: Corsica (where the Mailplane project started...)If you experience any Mailplane problems, please go to the FAQ page, check for known problems, or search the Google group. The are also known Gmail issues, they are listed on this page.Enjoy your summer, too!

02 Jul 2008

Mailplane Bright Hub Review

Mailplane just got reviewed on Bright Hub! It's a great and very thorough review and describes what Mailplane is and what it isn't. Here is what Bill writes about Security and Privacy:"There are settings in each Gmail account's preference panel to control access to each individual Gmail account, by saving the Gmail account password to the Mac keychain and allowing automatic login as needed. [See Image 3] Of course, this is best used on a Mac that has password-protected user accounts. 

Mailplane also provides a setting in each Gmail account that enables https support. While this can affect the application's overall performance, turning on https is a good idea for anyone who's using Mailplane on a local area network."Check out the full article, it is a great read!

02 Jul 2008

Mailplane 2.0 beta 5 released

New and Improved:French translation by Michel TribetGerman translation by Patrick ScheipsNorwegian (Bokmål) translation by Vidar RamdalNested groups are now supported when Inserting email addresses from the Mac OS X address book (Cmd-Opt-A)Account drawer toolbar item added to default toolbarBugfixes:iPhoto plugin didn't work anymore, bug was introduced by build 758Unread message counter problem when using a account. (Counter didn't go to zero).

01 Jul 2008

How to replace the Gmail logo

Many users would like to see a custom image in Mailplane instead of the Gmail "beta" logo.If you use Google Apps for your domain, Google provides this feature. The logo can be uploaded and set in your "Manage domain->Domain Settings->Appearance":If you use a "normal" Gmail account (, a custom stylesheet can do the trick as Mailplane supports such a stylesheet. It can be set in your Tweak UI preferences.Here is an example CSS file:.zYsCRb {background:transparent url(/downloads/logo-custom.gif) !important; }Upload a correctly sized image (143 x 59 pixels) to any webserver and replace the URL in the example with the URL to your logo. Important: The picture will be shown in all account you use.

23 Jun 2008

Mailplane 2.0 beta 4 released

This is the fourth beta release, it contains many small improvements and bug fixes.New and improved:New: Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-R keyboard shortcut to reload the main window (View->Reload page)Improved: Download destination path is remembered when Ask for Download destination is enabledImproved: Gmail Sign out toggles the account drawer if you have more than one accountIgnore RSS feed for domainRename iMedia to Media; "Insert Email" to EmailMain window: New default toolbar with less itemsMain window/document window: attachment message now wraps text if neededNew and cleaner toolbar default settingBugfixes:The Mail PDF with Mailplane PDF service wasn't installed for Mailplane 2.0 beta users.The Gmail keyboard shortcut setting detector didn't work for Gmail 2.Archive did remove label when a label was browsed.The Gmail->More items opened in Mailplane instead of the preferred browserWindow moves to another location when closing drawerGmail 2: Reply/Reply All/Forward were enabled when compose a new message

22 May 2008

Mailplane in French SVM Mac: Indispensable!

SVM Mac is the biggest and most important French Mac magazine, and Mailplane has been tested on page 92 in the current June issue (#206). Best of all, Mailplane gets five mice - the max! According to the editors, Mailplane is "Indispensable" for Gmail Mac users. Plus: The magazine comes with a CD which contains Mailplane.Without Michel Tribet's excellent French application translation, Mailplane wouldn't have appeared in SVN Mac... thanks Michel!

20 May 2008

Mailplane 2.0 beta 3 released

Gmail is pushing out a new Gmail 2 version, this may lead to these problems - which are fixed in beta 3:external links and downloads do not workThe Mail menu doesn't work correctlycompose new in separate window doesn't work

20 May 2008

Faster Gmail loading

Thanks to Google, Gmail loads much faster! Account switching, new message windows, and initial startup are much zippier! Check out this article for more information.

15 May 2008

Mailplane 2.0 beta 2 released

New: "Enable Google Talk Window" preferenceNearly all accounts are now Gmail 2, and you get Gtalk right in your inbox sidebar. As the Google Talk window was created for Gmail 1 when the sidebar didn't have Google Talk support, there is now a preference to enable/disable Google Talk support. Recommendation: If you use Gmail 2, disable the setting. If you prefer Gmail 1, enable it. Updated: Safari extensions checkSome users don't experience the crashes, even with Safari Ad block and SafariBlock installed. There is a new button on the alert, to stop all warnings about it. Improved: Apply/Remove label for StarMailplane shows a new "Star" label in the "Apply/Remove" label panel. Other Improvements and bugfixes:Bugfix: Some Google Apps accounts using http experienced authentication problemsBugfix: Gmail keyboard shortcut stopped working after Cmd-LBugfix: When clicking the reply box, characters were interpreted instead of entered.Bugfix: Select-All now works in a "Show Original" windowBugfix: "Show Original" window title

13 May 2008

Switch to account keyboard shortcut

Press Cmd-Control-A (or use Mailplane->Switch to Account...) to open the account completion panel. It works like the textsnippets, apply/remove label, and navigate to label panels:Use your keyboard to navigate the list and ENTER to switch to the selected account.

13 May 2008

Safari extensions check

Some users experienced frequent crashes, which were caused by the SafariBlock or Safari Ad Block InputManagers that automatically load into Mailplane. As Mailplane includes a newer WebKit than Safari, it leads to crashes. Unfortunately, there is no way Mailplane can stop these extensions from loading. You have two options to solve the problem:Remove the extension(s) or enable "Use System" WebKit in Advanced preferences to use the same WebKit as Safari. You'll need Safari 3.1.1 and there will have to live with some problems that have been fixed in Mailplane's WebKit: Gmail 2/Plain text focus problem; Gmail 1/Rich text disabled; Gmail 1/focus problems

13 May 2008

Mailplane 2.0 beta

I am very excited about the latest Mailplane release: 2.0 Beta! (press release).Important: Mailplane 2.0 will be a FREE upgrade for all registered users!For the full list of new features and improvements please check out this page.

13 May 2008

Improved: Apply/Remove label for Inbox

When not using the inbox, Mailplane shows a new "Inbox" label when using Cmd-L. This special label allows you to either do a Move to inbox or to archive.

13 May 2008

“Close instead of Hide” preference

If you like to reduce cpu usage to a minimum while you have Mailplane in background, you can close the main window instead of just hiding it. This may preserve some battery power, but it takes longer to reopen the window.

06 May 2008

OmniFocus “Clipping” Plugin

With the free OmniFocus plugin, you can create new tasks containing a direct link to your conversation from Mailplane. Download the plugin here.

06 May 2008

Mailplane 1.77 released

Improved auto updateAll updates are now secured by DSA signatures, this means that Mailplane will only install correctly signed updates.This security feature now enables automatic updates: You can turn on the option in the "Software Update" panel.Improved registration panelsYou can now directly open the "resend license" web page when you see one of the registration panels.

15 Apr 2008

Mailplane 1.76 released

The latest "cutting edge" release, brings many improved features and some bug fixes, here are the highlights:Fixed: "navigate to label" panel and Folders4Gmail now work nicely toghether:the "navigate label" panel will now correctly display your labels.New "Confirm Quit" preferenceMany users wanted a "confirm quit" alert when closing the application. A new preference has been added to enable this alert, see the "Tweak UI" preference page.Improved: "Navigate to Label" and "Apply/Remove Label"Both panels work much like the famous Textmate "Go to Symbol" panel.If you use the arrow key to move down the list, the list is now scrolled to reveal the currently selected item.

01 Apr 2008

Mailplane reviewed on

Week after week, the people at MacReviewCast publish many priceless reviews to the Mac community. It's a great honor to hear that Mailplane 1.61 got a fine review by Lola Wong. Check out the MacReviewCast on iTunes or visit them here. Mailplane is in episode #143 (March, 29.)

01 Apr 2008

Australian Macworld about cloud computing

Dan Warne has written a very nice article about "cloud computing"...I’ve finally decided to rid my e-mail and calendar of this earthly life — I decided after a recent MacBook Pro upgrade that it was time for them to go and live in the cloud. ...he mentions Mailplane as one of the apps that let him do the transition...MailPlane is a stupendously fantastic program — it recreates an e-mail client around Gmail. ...and he explains the difference between Mailplane and other mail applications:“Sure”, you might say, “I can already get my Gmail in Apple Mail through POP or IMAP.” The difference is MailPlane is a true web app, in that all the data resides on Google’s servers and MailPlane provides (as the author says) “the last mile” between the web app and your desktop. MailPlane adds back the features you’ve come to rely on your desktop mail client for, like Growl alerts when you get a new e-mail, the ability to drag a file to its icon and have a new e-mail open up with the file attached. Or the ability to select a batch of photos in iPhoto and click “e-mail”.It's a great read, check out the full article.

31 Mar 2008

Mailplane 1.61.3 released

This update fixes two bugs:When opening an external link in Mailplane and Safari 3.1 wasn't running, it would would crash on startupThe print window wouldn't show its contentsUse "Mailplane->Check for updates" to load the update.

31 Mar 2008

Cutting Edge: Navigate labels

If you use and love the "apply/remove" label autocompletion feature, you probably waiting for the "navigate label" autocompletion. Get the Flash Player to see this player.The goal is to do everything with your keyboard:Press Shift-G or Cmd-Opt-G to open the autocompletion windowOptional: type some part of the label to filter the listOptional: use your keyboard to choose an entry Press enter to navigate to the label and close the windowTip - there are direct keyboard shortcuts for the most important labels in the "Mail->Go to" menu. Or use the Gmail provided g+i, g+s keyboard combinations to jump to inbox, starred, drafts etc. Press ? to get all Gmail keyboard shortcuts.Important: This feature works in Gmail 2 only.

25 Mar 2008

Mailplane on 37signals and Citizen Garden

Just found a nice post about the Mailplane's auto-bcc feature on the 37signals product blog.If you’re interested in site specific browsers, listen to this podcast. Mailplane has been mentioned as one of the prime examples on how a site specific browser should work. I very much share their vision and passion. Web applications such as Gmail are getting more important by the day. And site specific browsers are here to implement the "last mile," to free the web application from the browser tab and to combine the best of web and desktop world. It's a great listen, much recommended.

13 Mar 2008

Cutting Edge: Hide Spam counter and Gmail invitation box

The Google Spam filter is the best I know, hundreds of messages are filtered every day. I have currently over 5000 unread Spam messages in my Spam folder. However, the counter seems to be more important than my inbox counter, which isn't true I hope.Use the new Tweak UI preferences to hide the spam counter and/or the invitation box. Plus there is a setting to highlight the inbox row that is "under" the mouse pointer.

13 Mar 2008

Cutting Edge: Auto-BCC for Highrise users

If you are a Highrise user, this new setting may be important for you. It allows you to send all outgoing email to the Highrise dropbox email address. Inside Highrise, the email gets automatically attached to the right person or Highrise creates a new person on the fly. See the Highrise email page for more information.Every Gmail account has its own Auto-BCC setting. Important: This feature works in Gmail 2 only!

13 Mar 2008

Cutting Edge: Apply/Remove Label

Gmail labels are very nice and they work great with filters. However, applying a label manually is cumbersome. Labels are kind of hidden in the "more actions" menu, the user has the use the mouse to do do it.Mailplane now makes applying and removing a label much easier. Everything can be done from the keyboard; no mouse interaction is required.Either press Cmd-L (or just the "L") key and open the label auto completion. Then narrow down the list by entering a few letters, press the enter key to apply or remove the label.

11 Mar 2008

Mailplane 1.61 Released

There is a new stable release available: 1.61. Please use the "Check for Updates" feature to conveniently load it. Beside the Italian translation mentioned below, the Catalan, French, German, Norwegian, and Romanian translations have received an update, too. The release includes some bug fixes, too:Drag and drop to dock didn't work in all cases, especially MAC OS X Tiger users did experience the problem.Mail->Go to menu items were disabled

11 Mar 2008

Italian translation

Very good news for Italy: Mailplane now speaks Italian, too! Monica Cainarca did the job and she did it wonderfully. The translation is now available with the current stable release (1.61). BTW: In case you have any English/Italian (or Italian/English) translation need, please check out Monica's McTranslation page. Not only does she general translations, but she knows how to do Mac software translations, too. It is a pleasure to work with her - I highly recommended her services.

04 Mar 2008

Review in “Vous et Votre Mac”

"Vous et Votre Mac" (VVMac) is one of the big French Mac print magazines. They reviewed Mailplane 1.71.8 (cutting edge) and the article is in the very latest issue (#33). I am very excited about this and the 4 out 5 star rating is great, too!In case you aren't able to find the magazine at your newsstand: Bernard Le Du, VVMac editor-in-chief, was so friendly to pass me the review as PDF. Click image to open the review.

22 Feb 2008

Cutting Edge: Network Diagnostics

As a new goodie, the "Network Diagnostics..." tool found in Safari has been integrated. If you can't connect to Google, a new button (Network Diagnostics) will be shown on the "Authentication" window. It opens a window where you can diagnose and solve the network problem.

22 Feb 2008

Cutting Edge: Improved Authentication

As the authentication code and dialog box were modal, no "check for updates" could be performed before Google authentication. The authentication part of Mailplane is now completely new: Mailplane will automatically check for updates, even if you can't sign in. The dialog is now a "dialog sheet" attached to the main window, and the login procedure can be cancelled at any time.Plus: If you have many accounts, startup is now much faster.

16 Feb 2008

Cutting Edge: Apology for a bad release

The "cutting edge" version (1.71.5) published yesterday, was a bad release. Some users reported that it just didn't start after the update procedure. It looks like only MAC OS X Tiger users were affected by the problem.The error has now been fixed, and a new update has been released a minute ago. Use the "Check for updates" feature to load it.If your Mailplane doesn't start, you need to download the latest version manually: Please use the download page to either download the stable or "cutting edge" version.I deeply apologize for any inconveniences this might have caused, and I will work hard to make sure I reduce the likelihood of this happening again.

24 Jan 2008

Cutting Edge: Use the clipboard to attach files and pictures

Copy any file or picture to the clipboard and the paste it into any editable field to create an optimized attachment. The "picture attachment dialog" will pop up for the preview and optimization settings.Example 1:In Finder: select some filesCopy them to the clipboardGo to MailplaneCompose a new messagePaste the filesExample 2:Open a picture in PreviewSelect a part of the pictureCopy the selectionGo to MailplaneCompose a new messagePaste the picture part

24 Jan 2008

Cutting edge: Picture attachment dialog

Do like to control the photo optimization settings each time you attach files? Then you'll like this new feature:The dialog shows each time you attach files and allow to enable/disable optimization and allow you to set the same properties as in the "Photos" preferences.Picture preview: If you attached more than one picture, the display changes every three secondsEnable/Disable Optimizations, set quality and sizeAttach picturesIn case you never change the settings, disable this sheet. You can always enable it in "Photos" preferences.Tip: If you press the command key while performing a drag and drop operation, the files aren't optimized and the dialog isn't shown.

15 Jan 2008

Upcoming features

I just added the new "upcoming features" page. It lists all changes and new stuff that is already available in the latest cutting edge release:Gmail 2 supportMailplane URLsBackground account notificationsAccount nickname and re-orderingand much more...(General preferences)What is the cutting edge release anyway? It's the upcoming Mailplane version, it's where the new features are added, tried and tested. But, as much is added or changed it may be less reliable than the current stable release. If you like to try it anyway: instructions can be found in the extended and improved FAQ section.

03 Jan 2008

Improved Screenshots

The screenshot feature has been much improved and now works in Leopard, too. (This has been released a while ago, but I feel it is worth mentioning).You are now able to capture a selection, a window, or the whole screen. By default Mailplane hides itself while the screenshot is captured. This is great way to better explain a problem, feature, or something on your screen. A picture is worth a 1000 words, right?

19 Dec 2007

Beta ends 2007

Mailplane has been in beta for over eight months. It was such an exciting and intense time: Thank you for all feedback, bug reports, feature requests, testing, and support! You really helped shaping this product.The beta will end December, 31 - and so will the special beta user pricing. If you haven't registered, yet and you'd like to get your beta user discount, make sure to register before end of year: Check out the store for more details.The beta registration has been closed, Mailplane can now be downloaded from here.Merry Christmas!

04 Dec 2007

“Cutting Edge” Release supports Gmail 2.0

Last weekend a new "cutting edge" update was released: 1.55. It supports both Gmail 1.0 and Gmail 2.0. Using Gmail 2.0 is a joy: I really likethe "update conversation" feature;the mark as read/unread keyboard shortcuts;the speed improvements;and the colored labelsIf you can't wait and you like to try and test it, you can enable "cutting edge" updates in Mailplane's advanced preferences. Then do a normal "Check for updates" to get the latest version. But, there is no need to rush it. When it is translated and stable it will be released to all Mailplane users.

05 Nov 2007

Norwegian Translation

Thanks to Vidar Ramdal Mailplane is now available in Norwegian. Did you know? According to Wikipedia there are 4.7 million people speaking Norwegian, and it is already the fourth Scandinavian Mailplane translation.

05 Nov 2007

Gmail 2.0 and Mailplane

Google prepares Gmail for the future. According to the official Gmail blog, Gmail 2.0 is being rolled out over the next few weeks. If you see the "Newer Version" link in the upper right part of your main window, you already have been upgraded:However, Mailplane isn't compatible with Gmail 2.0, yet. The Gmail 1.0 interface is still available, and Mailplane 1.54 automatically opens this interface when started. So, if you don't use the "Newer Version" link, Mailplane works without problems. I am currently working on the upgrade. Mailplane will support both Gmail 1.0 and 2.0.But, what can you expect from the new Gmail? In Firefox, Gmail 2.0 doesn't look much different. However, for Mailplane users it is great news: Some really missed Gmail features will come to WebKit and therefore Mailplane (and Safari). Here are two examples:Quick contacts/Google Talk in sidebar:The "Update Conversation" feature:Google seems to have unified the code for the different supported browsers. The days are numbered where WebKit users had to live with an older Gmail version, I guess. And here is the best part: Mailplane is based on WebKit and WebKit is the fastest browser rendering engine. With the new Gmail speed improvements, Mailplane will be faster than ever. From the Gmail blog post: "These techniques really shine on newer browsers and computers. Using an alpha version of Safari 3 on a MacBook, we're seeing sub-200ms times when opening messages—pretty quick."

27 Oct 2007

Google announces IMAP for Gmail

This week, Google announced IMAP access for Gmail. That's great news for Mailplane users. Why?Many people access their Gmail mailbox from various locations and devices. In my case this isMailplane on my MacBook and the family iMacthe Gmail java application on my Motorola V3 handsetFirefox on a linux boxAnd occasionally Internet Explorer on WindowsIMAP now extends access to my precious email data:As the iPhone doesn't run the java application to access Gmail, I will be able to use IMAP when I will I will be able to backup my Gmail email dataRegardless how I access my Gmail mailbox, I see and change the same email data. For example, I could "star" a conversation on my handset, then create a reply on Linux with Firefox, attach a photo with Mailplane, and then send the draft from an iPhone.Will IMAP access replace Mailplane for me? No way!I love the Gmail web interface, in my opinion it beats all traditional mail clients. For me Gmail thru isn't Gmail anymore: no real labels, no Google search, no pretty conversation view. And Mailplane gives me best of both worlds: The speed and power of Gmail and the beauty and functionality of my Mac desktop.

25 Oct 2007

Leopard compatible iPhoto plugin

The old iPhoto plugin was based on the SIMBL InputManager. As InputManagers are not supported in Mac OS X Leopard, a new iPhoto plugin is provided. When the plugin is installed, you can choose Mailplane as your email application in iPhoto/General preferences. The icon in the lower part of iPhoto is then changed to Mailplane, too.See Mailplane help for more info.

25 Oct 2007

Brazilian Portuguese and Korean Translations

Mailplane features two new languages: Korean by Calvin Jeong Brazilian Portuguese by Leonardo OtsukaThis is excellent news - thanks Calvin and Leonardo!Use the "Help->Support and Feedback" window to send translation related feedback.

06 Oct 2007

Alternative introductory price and education discount

I received numerous reactions on the Mailplane price announcement released last week.Many have immediately bought a license - thank you so much for your support!!Some of you are still missing some features and are not ready to buy Mailplane for the set price. If you feel this way, please be assured that I will add more features to the product and continue to improve on it. I suggest you to follow the Mailplane development closely and register when it fits your bill.I received quite a few requests to make Mailplane either free or very low cost. For several reasons, this cannot be considered since it is not what I have intended for Mailplane.Introduction price:I really do appreciate YOUR support building this app, and I will therefore offer an alternative for the beta users that do not have the need for a family option: Buy a single user license for $19.95 (regular price $24.95)Again, this is an alternative to the free family option. The current "family" offer is unchanged: Single user license + family option for $24.95 (regular price $32.95).Remember: It's for beta users only - the offer ends when Mailplane goes public.Education discount:I am also happy to offer an education discount. If you learn or work at a university and you have an EDU email address, you can generate a coupon code. The discount is 30% off the single user license price.If you already bought a license and you want the reduced price instead of the free family option and/or you qualify for the education discount, no problem. A separate email with instructions how to get your refund will be sent soon.

29 Sep 2007

Price Announcement

The beta started in March. This was such an intense and exciting half year. Thank you for all ideas, bug reports, and support!I feel that the time has come to prepare Mailplane for public availability and to announce the price for it:A Mailplane single user license is $24.95 and includes free 1.x updates. There is a family option available ($8), which allows you to use Mailplane in your private household on up to five Macs.The evaluation period will last 30 days. For a short time, Mailplane will remain in beta stage. There is still no time limit: the evaluation period will begin when the beta ends. Special offer for beta users: Buy a single user license today and get the family option for free. (Offer expires when Mailplane goes public).To go to the store, open "Mailplane->Registration..." and press the "buy now..." button.If you're not a beta user and like to try Mailplane you are welcome to register for the beta here.

29 Sep 2007

Mailplane is ready for Leopard

Mailplane 1.52 is ready for the upcoming Mac OS X release. The same Mailplane version now runs on both 10.4 and 10.5 releases of the operating system. I am still working on the iPhoto plugin, the screenshot function, and some minor (e.g. toolbar repaint) stuff. But, other than that all features work just fine.

29 Sep 2007

Hide Mailplane at startup

Do you like to launch Mailplane whenever you start your Mac or log into your account? Add Mailplane to your system preference account login items. New in 1.52: If you check the Hide option, Mailplane won't open any window when it starts.

29 Sep 2007

Drag and drop and photo optimization

When you drag and drop photos, Mailplane optimizes them to make them smaller and you can control the optimization in the Photos preference page.But, sometimes you need to send a picture without any optimization: you want to leave size, file type, and picture quality untouched. The latest release now allows you to just press the command key while dropping the file. The mouse cursor will change to "Link" instead of "Copy" to indicate that no optimization will be performed.Here is how it looks like:I dragged a photo from Finder to Mailplane.No key pressed: Optimize the picture according to your preferencesCommand-Key pressed: disable all optimizations, leave the picture untouched.

29 Sep 2007

Catalan and Finnish translations

Mailplane features two new languages:Finnish by Mikko Aarnio Catalan by Albert Simó. Kudos to Mikko and Albert for their important work! Use the "Help->Support and Feedback" window to send translation related feedback.

04 Sep 2007

Use your Mac address book

Insert email addresses directly from your Mac address book into your TO, CC, BCC, or message field. It works much like the text snippets panel: Press Cmd-Option-A to open the panel, search for one or more addresses. Press Enter to close the panel and insert the addresses at the focused field. Works with address groups, too. You'll find the panel in the Mail->Insert sub menu.

04 Sep 2007

Rich Text format menu

There is a new Format menu to make text bold (Cmd-B), italic (Cmd-I), or underlined (Cmd-U). Quickly access colors (Cmd-Option-C), too. And finally center (Cmd-|), left align (Cmd-{), or right align (Cmd-}) paragraphs.

04 Sep 2007

iMedia Browser

No need to open iPhoto, iTunes, or iMovie to send attachments: There is a brand-new iMedia browser right inside Mailplane. Open it and then drag and drop photos, movies, or music to your message. Use Window->iMedia Browser to get started.

04 Sep 2007

Dutch, Icelandic, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish

There are six new languages to choose from:Dutch by Cristiano BettaIcelandic by Páll SvanssonJapanese by mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine)Portuguese by Tiago AmorimSpanish by Fernando OrozcoSwedish by Kristoffer Forsgren ( translators did a great job - send them your feedback by using the Help->Feedback and Support menu item. There is a special "Compose Mail..." button to notify the translator of the current language. Mailplane is now usable in eleven languages. German, French, Polish, Romanian, and of course English are all up-to-date, too.This is the Tweak UI preference page in Japanese. Cute isn't it?Like to switch to one of the above languages? See Mailplane Help for instructions.

18 Aug 2007

iLife 08 and the iPhoto Plugin

Mailplane features an iPhoto plugin, to easily compose a new message directly from iPhoto. The current Plugin only works with iLife 06 (iPhoto 6). I'm currently working on an adapted Plugin for iLife 08. The next Mailplane update (due this month) will contain it. Meanwhile, disable the iPhoto plugin in Mailplane's "Photos" preferences and use "drag and drop" from iPhoto to Mailplane as a workaround.Update (2007-08-23): Todays Mailplane release (version 1.50) contains an updated iPhoto plugin that works with iPhoto 5, 6, and 7 (iLife 08). As an improvement the iPhoto "Mail Photo" panel is shown. You can choose the desired size and then compose the message in Mailplane. Tip: Press Option key while clicking the "Compose" button to open instead of Mailplane..

22 Jul 2007


I had a great and intense time since I released Mailplane in March. I enjoyed working for the fast growing Mailplane community - you are just terrific! But now, me and my family need some "offline" time. We have rented an RV and will travel around beautiful Sweden. I'll be back "online" August 14th.Enjoy your summer, too!Ruben

22 Jul 2007

Romanian Mailplane

Thanks to Ovi Pășcui Mailplane talks Romanian and is now fluent in five languages! After consulting Wikipedia I found some interesting facts about the language. It is spoken in many countries: Romania, Republic of Moldavia, Bulgaria, Canada, USA, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Israel, Serbia, and Hungary. There are about 24 million people speaking it as their first language! And 4 million speak it as their secondary language.

22 Jul 2007

Getting started screencast

Get most out of Mailplane and watch the getting started screencast. It shows you how to drag and drop files to create attachments, send screenshots, send any document as PDF, use multiple accounts, and more

05 Jul 2007

Polish Mailplane

Kudos to Piotr Orłowski, he translated Mailplane to Polish. I am sure, there are many users who will love his work!

05 Jul 2007

Google Talk for Google Apps

Last week Google released an updated Talk Gadget for "Google Apps" accounts. Of course, this new feature is now available in Mailplane: Every account type can now use the Talk window.

05 Jul 2007

French Mailplane

Parlez-vous français? Oui? Thanks to Michel Tribet people from France, Canada, Tahiti, and many african countries can use Mailplane in their native language.

19 Jun 2007

Mailplane, WebKit, and Safari 3 beta

Last week, Apple released Safari 3 beta. This is great news for Mac and now even Windows users. However, for a WebKit based application like Mailplane there are way too many options. Some users still use the old WebKit provided by Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). Some have installed and configured WebKit nightly to be used in Mailplane. And now there is the new Safari 3 beta WebKit that causes Mailplane trouble. This leads to unnecessary confusion.I like to provide a running solution out of the box, and I have decided to bundle a tested and preconfigured WebKit nightly with Mailplane. It will work despite your system configuration, or if you have installed Safari 3 beta. "Rich text editing" will be enabled by default and the option to configure the WebKit path will be gone. Meanwhile, there is a workaround if you would like to use Safari 3 and Mailplane on the same system:1. Download WebKit nightly from here.2. Enable rich text editing and configure the WebKit path in Advanced preferences

06 Jun 2007

German translation

Mailplane can now be used in German, too! Many thanks to Patrick Scheips, who provided the translation.

28 May 2007

Uninstall Mailplane cleanly

Mailplane needs no AppZapper: If you ever need to remove Mailplane from a Mac, there is the handy "Uninstall..." menu item. It removes all Mailplane related data like keychain entries, preferences, account information, text snippets, iPhoto plugin, PDF service item.

28 May 2007

Text snippets make you more productive

Store frequently typed text snippets in your account preferences and then use the "Edit/Insert Text Snippet..." menu item (or Command-I) to quickly insert greetings, signatures, instructions, jokes, and more at the current message cursor position.

28 May 2007

Support for multiple Gmail accounts

Add as many account as you want, switch between accounts without restarting Mailplane or entering a password and see all unread message counters at a glance. Accounts can be switched either from the new drawer attached to the main window, the authentication window, or the new status item showed in the menu bar.

28 May 2007

New status item keeps you informed

Many users missed a status item, now Mailplane provides it: Use it to get notified, open unread messages, compose new message (with or without screenshot), or switch to another Gmail account. Below each account you can see the most recent unread messages. For those who like to preserve menu bar space, there is a "General" preference to turn it off.

30 Apr 2007

New application icon!

Mailplane has a new application icon! The unread message count badge has been improved, too. Many kudos to professional icon designer Jonas Rask. He created the icon and badge. I hope you like it as much as I do!

28 Apr 2007

New Google Talk window

Since last update, Mailplane includes a Google Talk window for an easy chat. Never miss a call again: If somebody wants to talk, Mailplane shows a Growl notification. The brand-new Google Talk Gadget (displayed inside the window) offers some nice features like video and photo preview. See the this blog for more information. Currently the Google Talk window works with "normal" Google accounts. Support for "Google Apps for your Domain" accounts will be added as soon as the Gadget is ready for it.

13 Apr 2007

Open Word attachments as Google Documents

Many people send Word document as attachments, though not everybody has Microsoft Word installed. Sure: They can be viewed as HTML, but now Mailplane integrates with Google documents: Directly import attachments as Google documents and edit them in your preferred browser.Thanks Tim B

05 Apr 2007

Webkit nightly enables rich text editing in Mailplane

With the latest and greatest Webkit version, rich text editing is now available in Mailplane. By default, Mailplane uses Webkit that comes with your Mac OS X. In Tiger this is limited to plain text editing. But now, you can download the latest Webkit build and tell Mailplane about it by setting a preference.BTW: How do you like the line "Invite Apple to Gmail" in the screenshot - sweet isn't it?

05 Apr 2007

100 beta invitations each day

Over the past two to three weeks, 700 beta users were invited to the beta. But, the waiting list is growing rapidly, and to speed things up, I have decided to send out 100 invitations each day. The waiting list will be processed in chronological order, with the first 100 getting notified today. If you with to join the invitation waiting list, sign up here.

03 Apr 2007

Print from any application to Mailplane

Did you ever want to mail that nice looking Pages, Keynote or "you name it" document to other users? Well, chances are they cannot open your jewel if they have no Mac or the required software. In such situations, PDF fits the bill. It preserves all visual attributes of your document and can be viewed and printed on virtually any Windows, Linux or Mac computer.With the latest Mailplane update, you will find a "Mail PDF with Mailplane" action in the print dialog of any application that supports printing. Select that action and the document is automatically converted to a PDF file and attached to a Mailplane message.BTW: This feature is additionally to the already implemented "Mail link to this page" and "Mail contents of this page" menu items available in Safari (or "Send Link..." in Firefox).Thanks Josh R

31 Mar 2007

500 new users invited to Mailplane beta

In the past two and half weeks many bugs got fixed and new features were added. The beta users were really terrific and sent valuable feedback, ideas and bug reports. So it became time to invite more users to the beta program: The first 500 people on the waiting list have now been invited to test Mailplane. If you don't have registered yet but would like to: the waiting list is here. You will get an invitation as soon as your number is called.

21 Mar 2007

Mailplane talks https

How do like to connect to your Gmail account? Choose with the new "Use secure connection (https)" option: Either http for super fast communication or https for maximum security.

18 Mar 2007

Mailplane supports “Google apps for your domain”

I like to keep everyone informed about the progress we make in the private beta. When something major is accomplished, I will publish it on this blog. As many people have asked for it, I feel this improvement needs to be mentioned: Mailplane now works successfully with both regular Gmail and "Google apps for your domain" accounts.

14 Mar 2007

The search for Mailplane test pilots is over

After MacNN published the news about Mailplane, all available private beta seats were taken in about one hour! The website is still under heavy load, and the waiting list gets filled quite fast.

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